Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Well, Christmas day technically begins at 12pm, right?  Well, mine did...Blake could NOT sleep at all, I let him crawl in bed with us, he just layed there with his eyes wide open. Then Taylor woke up, I coaxed her back to sleep, but everyone was up and down for the entire night...too much excitement!  We were up and ready to see what Santa brought by 6am...

Look what Santa brought!!  Even Sophie got a new toy!

Pokémon poster

Pokémon Poster for Tay too!

Santa even wrote Baby Taylor a tiny Christmas Card!

Bubby got the Hobbit book

This little girl couldn't be happier with her Baby Allison bedroom!

Baby Allison even got a new kitty!

WHOA!!  Is that Nerf gun big enough?!?!

The famous flyin' monkey!

After playing with the gifts from Santa, we all just hung out in our jammies! Every year, we start making our Christmas "formal" dinner. This year, we broke tradition, I was tired of cooking and really didn't want to plan the whole day around roasting meat and timing things around when it would be threw together a Mexican Fiesta!  It was wonderful, we made chorizo scrambled eggs, warm buttered tortillas, left over layer Mexican dip, my brother's famous home made salsa, chips, and cheesy dip!  I do believe that we have a new tradition on our hands. Next year I will prepare a Mexican egg bake the day before and we won't even have to scramble eggs on Christmas day! I already can't wait!

Blake said grace over our Mexican Fiesta Dinner &
Happy Birthday to Jesus :)

We ate around brunch time, snacked on leftovers, nibbled on the sweets, and just played!  We all watched Christmas Vacation, the kids were especially busy playing Minecraft, Billy and Danny played football on playstation, Aunt Sissy played with Taylor a bunch!   They tried out the Easy Bake oven, making teeny little chocolate chip cookies!


Sofa pup played with the toy Aunt Sissy brought her and got loved
on a bunch! She just loves to be held!

I feel especially blessed, being able to hang out with family...thanks God, for giving us your Son!

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