Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

It's spring, it's Easter! The kids prepare by coloring Easter eggs a few days in advance. Taylor is all about the little stickers, and getting really creative. Blake has always been the leader when it comes to creativity, but this year, he was less into the whole egg-coloring thing. He still participated, just kept it a bit more simple.

The evening before, the kids set out their special Easter baskets and await the arrival of goodies from the Easter Bunny! They even put out a carrot and a special note for him this year.

And the Easter Bunny DID visit! (leaving a clue of messy Easter basket grass, all over the dining room floor!) HE brought Blake a new (and very needed) basketball, some Pokémon cards, a couple of books, and of course, a chocolate bunny. Taylor was excited to find the new Frozen movie, a book to go along with it, Pokémon cards to play with Bubby, and her chocolate bunny as well.

After enjoying the gifts, they grabbed some egg hunting baskets and headed for the front yard to see where the Easter Bunny hid those goodie-filled eggs! Blake's eggs were blue and green, Taylor's was pink and purple! They also found some fur, that the Easter bunny must have left behind!

This was the first Easter Sunday in years, that we didn't get up and head to church. We stayed home and celebrated with our family. It had already been a very full morning, but we didn't forget about the real reason for this celebration. Jesus died for us, and rose for us....that is a very special reason to celebrate! We continued the day, by inviting our friend's, the Keenan's, over for dinner and then hanging out outside, feeding our neighborhood ducks, and shooting some hoops. Thanks God, for this wonderful holiday.

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