Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taylor's 1st Cabbage Patch Baby

Since Taylor is 6 years old now, and has taken good care of the American Girl doll that Allison gave her, I thought it was time to give her the newborn Cabbage Patch doll that she has been begging for. Santa brought it for her on her 1st Christmas. It has her same name and birthday on her birth certificate. She has been sitting on the top shelf in the office upstairs for over 6 years. There have been a many day that she would notice her up there and beg for her. She wasn't ready. It's a special gift and I was waiting until she was "into" baby dolls and would appreciate her. 

The day before Easter ended up being "the day". She loves her and is taking wonderful care of her. She knows that she is special...very sweet.

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