Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn visit to the farm

We look forward to visiting a pumpkin patch each October. We have been to several of the pumpkin patches around town, but this year, we opted to return to a small family-owned, working farm. We had already bought our pumpkins, so it was more important to let the kids see some farm animals. Taylor would rather pet a cat, then pick a pumpkin, any day!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to do anything outside! We got to see lots of chickens, geese, and cats. We saw a bull, some horses, goats, a pig, a couple dogs, and some sheep. We fed most of them and even got lost in the corn maze! Billy and Blake went one direction, Tay and I went the other. I followed Taylor around and around....we were so lost that she began begging me to carry her...I  Billy and Blake were even longer to get out, but they claim they were doing a "word hunt" game inside....hmmm? I think they didn't want to admit that they were lost, and that would cause me more worry for when they leave on their Father/Son hunting trip (in the middle of the woods)!!! 


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