Friday, October 31, 2014


Taylor dressed as a Princess Witch and Blake was Enderman again. It was nice weather so the kids played outside, as we waited for Daddy to get here! We were still home when the Whitacre family came to trick-or-treat, we love seeing our friends.  As soon as Daddy got home, we headed out the door...just in time to join up with the Tilford's! It got cold FAST, so we only went to the bus stop and back, we were excited for the Tomlin's to be coming over anyways! We spent the rest of the evening, counting the goodies, handing out candy, and hanging out with Dayna & Josh, while the kids played their little hearts out.


Then came round TWO...we went to visit Aunt Susie's neighborhood because they were having a special trick-or-treat family event. The kids dressed up again and headed to collect more loot! lol! We also got to stop by the Pillow's was such a nice visit. The kids especially loved playing with the puppy!

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