Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tay's Celebration Continues...

We had planned Taylor's birthday party with her friends, for the Saturday after. She has been so excited to have her friends over! We ended up with another surprise...Allison got to come up for a visit! She got here on Friday and got to watch Tay at gymnastics. We planned on grabbing a movie...what we didn't plan on was, both girls deciding to pierce their ears together! With some sisterly encouragement, Taylor off we headed for the mall! As you can see, Allison looked much more enthusiastic than scared little Tay. THEY DID IT!!!

Tay was super excited to show off her rainbow daisy earrings at her birthday party! Ashlynn, Evie, and Emma came to celebrate with her! They created little "Egg Babies", played "Musical Hearts", and then went on a scavenger hunt that led them to their goodie bags. Taylor didn't want Birthday cake, so she had Birthday Brownies and pizza. The brothers all came to hang out with Blake...we chased them down to the basement so the girls could RULE for the partay! The little girls are all so sweet, it was a blessed day!

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