Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Sweet Taylor Turned 7!!!

This sweet girl is 7 years old today! Blake spent the evening, helping me decorate for her birthday. He is such a sweet big brother! The room was filled with pink & purple streamers and balloons from top to bottom.

She couldn't wait for her birthday! LITERALLY couldn't wait...she pretty much kept us up, most of the night! At 11pm, she came downstairs and asked if it was midnight yet, you know...technically her "birthday". You would have thought that it was Christmas morning for her! She finally fell asleep at 6am, we were all a bit tired, but woke up ready to celebrate this little sweetie turning 7!


She requested a chocolate donut with sprinkles for her bday breakfast. She got a Snack-eez cup from Bubby...she has been wanting one for a long time! She got a robot fish, eye spy birdhouse and some new goodies for her baby Allison. It was a quick but wonderful morning.

She got to give out Rice Krispie Treats to her classmates, got a pencil and a balloon from Mrs. Tripamer, and a special sticker from Ms. Byrnes. AND SHE LOST HER OTHER FRONT TOOTH! Such a fun-filled birthday!

Since it's her birthday, she got to choose where to have dinner...she chose "McDonald's with the fish". We ate and she got to play for a bit...I would say that it was a great 7th birthday!

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