Sunday, July 31, 2016

July at a Glance...

Again, this month was filled with lots of outside time spent with friends, swimming, bbq's, baseball, and movies...loving summer time spent together! Dad even took Blake on a Father/Son outing...they got to go see some cool cars at the Classic Cars Museum and go Go-Karting!

One night, we heard tree frogs going absolutely crazy, being super loud...we wondered what was going on out there, and the next morning, we found out! There were tons of little froggy eggs floating all over our pool! We started to just net them out, but then decided to let Tay keep some in her critter cage, just to see if any would make it. What do ya know???? Lots of them survived, grew tails, and seemed to be doing just fine! Wow, we were so excited to grow some frogs...we researched their diet and care and even created a little home for them on the patio table. Neighbors even came to check out our new little pets. This was a short lived experience, as the very next morning, something had gotten on the table and must have eaten and killed them ALL. It was disturbing, as we still, to this very day, have no idea what would have done this. Was it a bird? Was it a racoon? Another frog? Hmmm??

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