Friday, September 24, 2010

First Grade FALL Party

Today was Blake's first grade fall party!  I wasn't sure if I were going to be able to volunteer / attend this years parties...Taylor is at the age where I can't just "carry her along"..she wants to be a part of everything, including big bro's party!!  I don't have a sitter for her, so I just sent in some goodies and a game and figured I'd try to make it next time.  Blake kept asking me to "please just come", so I asked my Aunt to watch Taylor.  It made for a hectic, busy day, running all over town, but was sooo worth it!!  It was a blast!! 

The kids played some really fun games.  They got to bowl with a pumpkin and knock down "squash pins" , do an apple-toss, and play "pass the apple".  Their teacher, Mrs. Vice,  really went "all out", she had the kids make their own place mats, decorate and fill goody bags, and kept the children organized, excited, and well-behaved all at the same time!! AMAZING!!! 

I started thinking...a time is probably going to come that he doesn't ask me to school events or is such a "big kid" that he doesn't need me, so I better take every chance I can to be involved.  I really enjoy the "one-on-one" times that I get to spend with Blake, and even though they may not happen as often as I'd like...I love them so!!!

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  1. I'm glad that you were able to make it. Take advantage of all of the times that you can!