Friday, October 15, 2010

Taylor visits Rainbow Land

So, Wednesday was the day that we had to take Taylor to the Children's Hospital. I've never been there and was nervous. She has been dealing with G.I. problems for a long time and her pediatrician said that there was a chance the specialist would admit her and administer Go-Lite colon cleanse via a feeding tube down her nose to do testing!!! I didn't want that, but I do want to help her get her tummy troubles, here we are.

As we pulled up to the hospital, we were greeted by animal statues and rainbow colors. The excitement in Taylor's eyes, just made me sad. Do they really think that some cool scenery and bright colors can help a child be okay with having to go the hospital...YES!! And the same was true with Taylor, as we entered the hospital she exclaims, "Yay! This place is just butyful!".

We were worried that she might have a blockage or malfunction of her lower bowel, but after seeing the specialist, he decided that he would do blood work before committing to an invasive round of testing on her poor little body. THANKS GOD. She could be allergic to glutens or just have a slow colon causing constipation. Hopefully something that can be fixed without surgery. We were very happy with the doctor, he was informative and thorough. She did have to have blood drawn and it did hurt. The nurse had to search for a vein in her little arm. She cried....alot. But even as "traumatized" as she was afterward, she still stopped crying just long enough to see the giant train overhead, as it steamed it's way around the room and down the hall. I guess all the neat-o stuff does help. Although she did start crying again as we walked to the car and most of the way home...she was okay for the moment under the train.

Actually, Billy and I wanted to cry too...just to think...we are bringing our daughter here for some tests, but there are children here with far worse problems than what we are dealing with. Far worse. So, even if just for the moment, the pretty colors make a child feel better,  it still just breaks a parent's heart, knowing that every patient here is someones child. It makes us THANK GOD for the many blessings we have in our lives and pray for the children and families that have to visit this beautifully colored place.

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