Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visiting Klondike park

Billy actually got Labor Day off, so we decided to take a road trip and head out to Defiance, Mo.  We love to visit Klondike park because of it's beautiful white sand and clear water fishing lake.  It was the most wonderful day... we got to lounge in the sun, have a picnic, fish, and especially play in the sand.  The sand is so fine that it feels like powder!! 
My little fisherman!!!

Use this "pretty" lure !!!
Taylor & Daddy on the edge
It's sooo bright out here!
My girl
A beautiful park
Playing in the sand
My guy
Ten little piggies love the sand too !!!
My sweetie!!
writing his name in the sand
Sand in the eyes hurts!!
sand doesn't taste good either!
Happy fishing!
Time to bury Taylor...
I did it!
Over the bridge
We took as hike around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful really wore the kids out, they slept all the way home.  Happy Day!!

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