Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simple Summer

Blake is already back in school, and part of me is bummed that he has no "huge vacation" or major event to tell about, but looking back over the past three months, I've decided that although it may have been a "simple" summer for us....it definitely was not a boring one...

We started off summer vacation with a stormy bang...a camping and rafting trip, scary but memorable!  A few of the simpler things that we really enjoyed this summer included: 

camping and fishing

Pool Parties

Pool Play dates

Summer Dress-up

Happy Dog !!!
Swim lessons at Alligator Creek
Blake, Tristan, and Hayden at Great Skate party
Blake and Kanin at the Kindergarten skate party

Fire pit Roast

Taylor loves roasted marshmallows!

Basement "camp out" movie night

Catching Fireflies

Happy until....we have to let them go!!!

Trying to grow up too FAST !!

Rainy day rice krispies

Water slide


I can scare ALL the boys out of the pool with this!

Sophie loves the mister


Wild with sunscreen

summer hair

Silly  Simple   Summer

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