Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Final Cut

Blake's hair grows so fast and I have always been the one to cut (or butcher) it. lol!  Billy begs me to take him to a barber, but it's expensive and I'd have to take him every three weeks...that's alot of time and money that is needed to be spent elsewhere, so, Blake has had a "bowl" cut most of his life! Personally, I love his little "surfer" look.

I knew that the day was coming for Billy to either "get out the clippers" or take him to a salon. He has been threatening to give Blake a buzz cut for over a year, Blake and I have both refused...but...this time, Blake agreed that he could do it, as long as he didn't make it too short...he wants to have spikey hair like his friends, Kanin and Hayden !  I still tried to fight it, but they say, "oh, it'll always grow back". SO...

We prepare...onto the deck we move a stool for him to sit, Billy gets the clippers plugged in, and I get the video camera rolling. This ends up a video that I wish I could delete! All you can hear, as Billy glides the clippers over what seems like Blake's almost-bald-now head, is me saying, "Oh no, what happened, oh no, I thought you put a guard on the clippers!" Poor kid sits there wondering what could be so bad...I turn off the camera because I doubt anyone is going to want to relive the moment that Blake's Mommy freaked out about what he looked like without hair!!  Turns out...his hair is WAY short, but not that bad, because within a few days, he can spike it into what we call a "faux-hawk"...he is really happy with his new do. He thinks he looks "cool" like his buddies now!

Several weeks later...all is well, but I must admit, there is a tiny part of me that is sad... although Billy, Blake, and virtually everyone that got to hear me rant, promised "Don't worry, it'll grow back"...the truth is, it is probably the end of the kiddie "bowl" era...and after seeing him go from looking like a little boy to a big kid...I guess I'll just have to accept it...he isn't going to be little forever!

Right before the "final cut"


Spikes !!!

Blake thinks his hair looks like "dead trees" !

My Mom always told me that boys get meaner with every cut!

Still sweet enough to take a kiss from little sis!

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  1. I love the new cut! He'll be the coolest kid in his class!