Saturday, July 31, 2010

Help the Hungry

Billy, Taylor, Blake, & Aunt Susie
Today was a day that we did something outside our comfort zone. We set up camp for two hours outside a grocery store to help collect donations and food items for the St. Charles County Food bank. We knew that our church had set up an organization to help our community, but when I heard of the volunteers that were needed for this particular event, I shied away. I love to help others, but I am very uncomfortable asking anyone for anything.

I had my mind made up and really figured I couldn't help anyways, with my two kiddos in tow... UNTIL...One of the sweetest members of our church, Kathy, asked us if we would volunteer to help with this cause....I couldn't say no (that's another thing I have trouble with-lol!)...and thank goodness I didn't. I volunteered my Aunt Susie to come along and help me with the kids (you are so welcome!) and decided that it would be a great experience to make them part of! And, as it turned out, Billy got to be a part of it with us!! He NEVER gets a Saturday off, but it all worked out perfect!

The day before, I helped the kids make cute little signs and decorate them however they wanted. Taylor's sing read: HELP the HUNGRY and had rainbow scribbles all over it. Blake wanted his sign to read: FEED the NEED and he drew detailed little food items all around the words. Seeing them stand there with their little signs made me want to cry! They definitely helped reel in the donations...who could say no to them?!?!

We started out really nervous...stuttering as we asked for food or change, but... by the end of it...we had our script down and realized that, although some people might look the other way and pretend not to hear or see us, MOST people were generous, caring, givers. We even had people thank US for giving our time to help those that are hungry...WOW!!!  I thank Kathy for asking us to be part of this wonderful cause, it made us try something "outside our box"...we loved it and want to be more helpful where we are needed. 

During these tough economic times, there are people standing in line at these food banks that used to be able to give to them. The food banks are low and the demand is is sad to think that there could be a person or child out there right now, who hasn't gotten to eat today. Thank you   for organizing such great efforts to help our community!

Blake & Taylor decorating signs

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