Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's an EMERGENCY !!!

Not sure if this a "girl thing" or what, but Taylor is sooo dramatic.  When Blake get hungry, he asks for a snack.  When Taylor gets hungry, she runs to the pantry, tugs at the door, throws herself onto the floor and literally screams, "Mommy, I hungie!!  Hungie, hungie, hungiiieeeee!!!".  ~ For one thing, I just got breakfast cleaned up...Second thing, "CHILL OUT !".  Everything, I mean everything is an emergency to her. 

Blake was not like that.  Another thing, Blake refused band-aids like they were the plague...Taylor, on the other hand, would love to get an "owie" just to get a "ba-aid".  She sees even a freckle on herself and cries out (of course with NO tears), "UH-OH...ba-aid....peez, peez hurry!!!" 

Just the other night I commented that neither kid had been quiet, even for a second, all day...I said that i thought something was wrong with their little lips...they wouldn't stay shut..lol!  Next thing I know, Dr. Taylor Ann had "fixed" both her and Blake !!

How am I possibly going to get through this dramatic time !!!!  HELP...it's an EMERGENCY !!!

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  1. LOL Love he band-aids and yes, girls are sooooo dramatic.