Thursday, July 29, 2010

Losing it

2 weeks ago...tooth still there, just loose & scooted over!!!

After two weeks of wiggling this tiny little bottom tooth, whining about it hurting while he ate, and running from us when we talked about all the wonderful ways a tooth could be pulled (lol!!)...Blake finally lost his first tooth!

Blake has been babying this tooth for too long, even bribes of tooth fairy bliss wouldn't convince him to let us pull it !!!  Finally, after taking two hours to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich, all the while he's whining "I want this tooth OUT!  It hurts!  I can't stand having a loose tooth!"  ......I quietly gathered the "tooth-pulling" neccessities (orajel, warm salt water rinse, napkins, string/floss, and of course, the camera), called him into the kitchen, asked if I could feel the tooth, then I used a paper towel and just pulled it right out!  He didn't even know it came out!  I showed it to him, took some pics of his gappy little smile, and then off he went, like nothing even happened!  My sister and I kept asking him to smile so we could see the gap, he got so mad and begged us to just leave him alone!  Well, I guess the excitement is over...EXCEPT...the fact that he is making these slurping sounds...NOW he claims he can't keep his spit in his mouth, talks funny, and will never be able to eat with a missing tooth.....AARRGHHH !!!!!  Now I'm about to LOSE IT !!!

FINALLY !!!  A lost tooth !!!

BTW... the tooth fairy DID come  "pay"  Blake a visit last night...we put the tiny little tooth in a ring box, stashed it under his pillow, and when he woke up, he found an oragami-folded dollar bill and some loose change!!  A huge "THANKS" to Nicci for the wonderful Tooth-Fairy story to tell:  The toothfairy uses all the lost teeth that she gathers to build her castle have to keep your teeth brushed and clean because she does NOT want a yellow castle !!!!   So cute and Blake totally agreed,  as he ran to give his teeth a good brushing !!  No one wants to let down the Toothfairy !!!

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