Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blake's Faith

Blake and I were up early on Tuesday morning watching the awful news of  Alisa's kidnapping.  Filled with such sadness, I paused the t.v. and Blake and I held hands and said a prayer for her and her family.  Blake's eyes were filled with tears as he said how sorry he felt for her because she was probably scared without her Mom.  For a moment, I thought maybe he shouldn't watch the news, guard him from some of the evil in this world, but then I realized that he is smart, full of empathy, and needs to be educated about these things, even the bad.  When Alisa was returned safely to her family, Blake confidently says, "Good thing we prayered on her, I knew she would get to come home"...WOW...what awesome faith!!  This event, as awful as it was, has restored faith to many who prayed for her and has probably saved countless other children as awareness has been heightened. Thanks God!!!

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  1. That is incredible! Even though God answers prayers everyday, it is moments like these that strengthen our faith and let us know that he really does answer OUR prayers.