Saturday, July 24, 2010

Obsessed or just having FUN ???

Blake has always been a kid that had a "favorite" toy.  Not your usual teddy or security blanket, but a toy that he cannot stop playing with.  When he was two years old, he LOVED Lightening McQueen from Disney Cars movie.  He literally carried him with him to play dates, church, grocery shopping, dinnertime, & even to bed every single day for more than a year.  Obsessed. 

Next came TRANSFORMERS...all of them...he started playing with them at age four and still loves them.  He repeated all the same things once again.  I watched the movies with him and enjoyed helping him transform his toys, but, I had to put an end to the battles.  I would always use the wrong weapon, or not defeat his guy the correct way, so I told him that Mommies do not like to that part for when your Dad gets home! (you are welcome, Billy)  This lasted over two years!!  Obsessed.

Now, at six and a half years old,  he is all about STAR WARS.  He still plays with his Transformers every day, but he can't stop talking about:  the Jedi, Skywalker, the Clones, R2-D2, droids, and let's not forget the one thing that we "get" to take everywhere we go...the "LIFESAVER" aka Light saber !!!  Obsessed.

This particular obsession is quite frustrating for me... I just want to make dinner, not have a "duel"...I just want to get the shopping done, not decide if Quigon (sp??) would be proud of our choices...I just want to make it through another day with Blake and his complete and total Star War World without freaking out!!  I try to play, pretend, and constantly watch him act-out the movie in our family room, but cannot keep it up for much longer.  I am making an effort to be more interested by having a play date movie night, with another Mom and her kids.  We are planning to have an evening where ALL we will do is watch STAR WARS, order pizza, and let our boys act out all the "lifesaver" duels their little hearts desire !!! Wish me luck!!!  

Our camp trip...

Fourth of July...

Visiting Aunt Sissy...

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