Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charting it out

A couple of weeks ago, Billy and I stood, with out house in total running, screaming, dog barking at the running, screaming kids, no schedules, everything completely "out of whack".  Summertime.  We decided that we needed to go back to the chart...Blake used to use a chart for everything.  Daily Routine, Chores, Rewards, etc...they work great and he really loves them since he is very goal-oriented.  He had actually asked to do a chart!  SO....dry-erase board...we're back...and we LOVE it !!!

Blake gets an allowance of $3.00 per week IF he gets his chores completed.  He gets to mark each daily chore off, and if he missed any, he "misses" some of his allowance!  He hasn't missed one yet!!!  To give him a visual...I broke the $3.00 down into 12 quarters so that we could visually cross a quarter off if he doesn't get a job done.  You don't get paid if you don't do the job!  :)  

His chores include: feed/water the dog twice per day, put his laundry away, brush teeth twice per day (had to add this to make sure it gets done!), pick-up family room each evening-mostly toys.  I started very simple to ensure he could realistically meet the goals.  Now that I know it's working, I am definitely adding some of the chores I dread!! lol!!


  1. I think I am going to try this again. I did it before but then I was constantly reminding Kanin to do his "chart". Maybe I will show him Blake's chart and the pic of Blake doing it. I'll let you know!

  2. I love it!!! What a great system and I love how it is his responsiblity. Also, the post on the "livesavers" and obessions made me laugh out loud- that is too funny! What a great mom you are!!!