Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter gathering at Aunt Juanita's

We headed for the lake on Easter morning, Billy couldn't help but take us by his favorite hunting camping spot in the Danville conservation is soooo in the woods, but at least it has an out house at the top of the!
We got to see Allison and Andrew and most all of Billy's Mom's side of the family. It was so good to get to catch up with them! Since it was a nasty rainy kind of day, we mostly had to stay inside and kids barely got to do an egg hunt. But...the egg hunt that they did have was amazing and ginormous! It was the most eggs I have seen at a home ever! Kids were collecting more than they could even! Taylor had a blast. Blake is feeling too old to do any of that stuff, I can see him growing up and in that "in between" age where you feel too babyish to do the kid stuff but still too young to pipe in with to much of the adult conversation. He is sweet and will converse but doesn't enjoy just talking for hours like us adults do. Anyways, we stayed long enough to catch up with everyone and then headed back home to our Sophie pup. Taylor said it was the best Easter ever. :)

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