Saturday, March 26, 2016

One Door Shuts...

So, today Billy's position at his job has been eliminated after 10 years of being employed there. This is no big surprise to us, we have been expecting this, and have tried to save money. Normally, since I am the worrier of the family, I should be stressing, but I'm not. I have been known to lose sleep over whether we will need to take money out of savings to cover bills etc...we will be living on our savings and I'm sleeping fine...this is a God thing. Billy has hated this job for years now and would not take the leap to leave on his own, without that door being shut! Well, the door has been shut and we are excited to see what new doors of opportunity open. Every time a seed of doubt or worry enter my mind, I repeat, "Thank you Father, for this struggle. We are thankful for waking up to face the day, we are thankful for our health, we are thankful that we have each other. Thank you Father for your provisions and for all you have done for us. Amen" Immediately after, I feel better. I do this often! And everything will be alright! We have faith that things will work out to be the best they can be for our family. God is good, even through struggles.

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