Saturday, March 12, 2016

Letting Bandit Go

So it's been a little over three months since we brought this little bundle of fur and whiskers home to surprise Taylor with. We love his little attitude, he is the cutest fur ball we could imagine. He comes running for his food, he loves to get wild, and enjoys sleeping at the top of his new cat tree. We have learned so much about kitties, and love him to pieces...that is why we have to let him go.

We have tried repeatedly, for over 3 months, to get he and Sophie acclimated to one another. This dog has lived over 7 years, being an only pet. Sophie has been raised to think that chasing away the little long-tailed squirrels is her main job, apparently Bandit reminds her of a squirrel. She stares at him with intent to do "something", we really don't know if it's intent to vigorously check Bandit out, or intent to chase away & possibly destroy Bandit. And he is too darn cute to take the chance to find out. Taylor has been such a mature cat Mama through this...she understands that both Bandit and Sophie deserve better than having to take turns being locked up, especially with a chance that Bandit could get hurt, so we have decided to let him go live with cousin Amanda.  She moved out on her own, to go to college and has been really lonely. She is a cat person and has been hoping for a cat to keep her company. We will miss him, but this little fur ball is going to have the best new Mom, we know she will love him and take good care of him, Aunt Regina and Uncle Wayne came to pack him and all his goodies up. They were packed with not an inch to spare, headed to Kentucky. Bye Bandit Key Key.

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