Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Parent Teacher Day

So today is Parent Teacher Conference Day...we scheduled Taylor's first, immediately followed by Blake's. It's nice to get them over with first thing and then still have a full day of fall break ahead. Ms. Dye asked us to bring Tay along (even dressed as a, but since Blake wasn't needed at his conference, we left him home to chill by himself, which he really enjoys.  Ms. Dye had nothing but good things to say about Tay. She said she is a sweet girl and she just loves her to pieces. She said she helps others in class and is always an excellent listener who tries really hard to always do her best! I am so proud of this little gal, she truly is such a sweetie heart. We learned a bit more about their rigorous curriculum for 3rd grade and then Tay got to read us her book about Cheetahs, which was packed full of really cool facts and interesting tidbits! Her conference was all good :)
When we got over to the middle school, we walked toward Mr. Haskin's room and happen to see him speaking with  Mr. Oden, who Blake is very fond of as well. I stuck my head in and asked if they were both available because Blake hoped we could speak to them both (because he knew they would both have good things to say about Anyways, they were both happy to join together for the conference. Blake is such a great kid...his teachers always say how he is a fun kid, polite, easy going kid. They both said that everyone likes him, but he doesn't get sucked into wanting to be like anyone else, he seems happy in his own skin and has good friends to hang around, like Nico and Nick. Mr. Haskins complimented us by saying that he can tell he has very good values shown to him at home, I could have cried, that is so sweet. I can only hope that we are giving him the proper foundation. I love this boy and even though he's a big 7th grader, he will always be my little fella. His grades are great, he forgets stuff from time to time, but hey...he's just a kid. I am so blessed to have such an awesome son. He truly melts my heart!
Afterwards, we treated the kids to breakfast at IHOP...they were thrilled and we figured this was a perfect opportunity to reward them. They deserve it!

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