Monday, October 31, 2016


For Halloween this year, Blake dressed up as Donald Trump! It was the perfect costume for him with his blonde hair swooped over like a genuine comb over, bronzed orange skin tone, black fancy suit, and red tie. He even carried his suitcase as his candy bag as we walked from door to door collecting candy. We took a poll as we went along, most every house loved his costume and promised him a vote, sometimes even giving him extra goodies. Only one house told him that they couldn't give him candy because of who he just told them that we understand and its okay because everyone else was giving him extra! LOL!

Taylor decided to wear her skeleton kitty costume. She couldn't wait to join up with Evie to trick or treat the night away. We walked further than we ever had before. Both kids called it a night because they were beat. Unfortunately we missed getting to give out candy to trick or treaters, as they came in a big horde at the very beginning, as the rush was over by the time we got home.


The kids couldn't wait to get home and dump out their treats to see what they got. They made out like bandits, of course. Daddy and Blake watched their fist scary movie together called Halloween. What a creepy end, to a creepy night!

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