Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpin Carving Night

We saved the pumpkin carving for the first day of fall break. It was a gloomy, drizzly, perfect fallish type of day.  We waited for the sprinkling to stop, then decided to do our carving out on the patio table on the back deck. Tay got it all set up and ready, she has been so excited to do this! Honestly, Blake didn't have any ideas as to what to carve this year, and didn't seem much into getting creative on a pumpkin...he hung out with us, helped a bit, but mostly did "the water bottle challenge" all over the Sophie was right in the middle of it, as usual...trying to sneak licks of the pumpkin. She is so weird, she loves raw pumpkin...silly dog.  Anyways, we ended up doing one creepy pumpkin with big eyes and a stitch-looking mouth and Taylor decided on one with big front teeth that we might even put braces on! Another fall tradition to check off our list...

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