Thursday, November 24, 2016

The 2016 Beginning of Christmas!

On Thanksgiving night, after all the turkey-coma has worn off, we get out the ornaments and decorate the kids Christmas tree in the family room. We give the kids a special ornament for the year to begin the decorating. We try to make the ornament special, as a representation of their year. Taylor is so into squishy mushy stress ball type things, that I chose a cute squishy panda for her ornament this year. It was shaped similar to a white snow ball and had the animal theme...perfectly matching this gal we have! Billy had the task of picking Blake's ornament. He went with a car that hej could customize into an ornament (because we are soooo good at!), however choosing exactly which car to choose proved to be quite the feat. Blake has been racing on Forza, really getting interested in learning all these cool sports cars. He is constantly seeing a car out in public and telling us about them, it's foreign to me, but Billy spots them too, so it was all up to him this year! He secretly pumped Blake for info about which car he actually liked best. Blake said one thing one day, Billy ordered a car to customize, then Blake changed his mind and Billy had to change the order...this threw things! He ended up with a 2015 red Dodge Charger!

On Thanksgiving night we always read the Elf on the Shelf book, inviting Buddy back for the season! The next morning, he was back, and with his return, came wondrous exciting times ahead! Taylor woke up EVERY SINGLE morning, to go seek him out. She would come back into the bedroom to tell us where she found him and what he was doing and to report his correspondence. They have a little tiny notebook that they write back and forth in. I can't even begin to describe how happy it makes my heart to witness this magic. These are the moments that make being a parent magic in itself. I'm so grateful to God for these times with the kids.

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