Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving again, such a wonderful holiday to take time to think about and be thankful for all the many blessings in our lives. I look at these children and am thankful for all...thankful for the laughs, thankful for the arguments, thankful for the goofiness, thankful just to be watching them grow up into wondrous individuals.  I'm thankful that Blake, while almost a teenager, still loves me and shows me all the time, he comes for hugs and tells me he loves me...that is all my heart can take some days. I'm so blessed with such a wonderful son! Taylor is growing up fast too...I see her little thoughts racing through her mind, words of wisdom come out of her little mouth that sound like she has lived longer on this Earth than only 8 quick years. She is inquisitive, rarely letting a mess-up go unnoticed. She has a memory like an elephant, which is wonderful, except when she is remembering that I promised her a piece of candy and it's after 8pm! I thankful to have my sister back, we talk almost daily and i never take her for granted. I'm thankful for Billy. Thankful for our newfound "togetherness", thankful for our petty little arguments, thankful they are only petty arguments. Thankful for the love we all share! Thankful for too much to mention on this along to our actual Thanksgiving day...

Only Aunt Sissy, Uncle Danny, and Aunt Susi came for dinner. The kids had been looking forward to them coming and to a family dinner together. I'm thankful that they still look forward to and enjoy this. Anyways, we had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and fresh dinner rolls. The usual pumpkin pie, gooey butter cake, chocolate pie, and chocolate bundt cake...way more than we needed! It was yummy and great to get to visit with family (YES, including Sophie!). Aunt Sissy ended up playing upstairs with Tay...they played house, Aunt Sissy was a mean Mom, and Tay was a wild Uncle Danny and Billy watched John Wayne shows and Blake got extra time on the pc. It was a nice Thanksgiving and last but not least at all...thankful to God that we are blessed with so much.

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