Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blake's spring soccer

Blake played soccer several years ago and was just too young to catch on to the sport.  He hasn't had an interest again until this year, so we signed him up with the YMCA.  I love the fact that two of my friends signed their kids up to be on the same team!!  We have an awesome time at practice and games each week! We all look forward to it and our kids all love to play's just perfect. 

Also, he is really catching on to the sport and enjoying it...that makes a HUGE difference!  He has had two practices and three games and really gets in there and goes for the ball, I am so proud of him!

My little soccer guy!

Blake's first practice !

First drills
Today was the second set of games.  We had been up since 6am, visited a museum with the cub scouts and already had a full day when we got to the fields.  I made Blake change from his scout uniform to his soccer gear, in the back of my truck.  We packed up the stroller with our waters and snacks and headed to the picture sign-up table!  Got pictures taken (and on time, I might add!), covered the kids in sunblock, let them shove some crackers down, take a sip of water, and head out for a double-header!!  Again, proud of both kids for being troopers for the next three hours!

Getting in a kick

Blake threw on the jersey for goalie and
accidentally got his head in the
arm had to help him out!  It was
choking him!  LOL!

being a good little goalie!

got a pat on the back from coach

My little goalie

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