Sunday, April 10, 2011

Museum of Transportation

Today was a FULL day!!  We met the cub scouts at the Museum of Transportation at 9am, followed by soccer pics and a double-header across town!  I cannot believe we squeezed it all in, but with careful planning and packing the night before, we did it! 

The first event at the museum was a class in an old rail car.  "Train of Thought" was the name of the class.  The scouts learned about the first flights, automobiles, boats, and trains.  They also got to build a wooden model car and then build with Legos, which Blake said was his favorite part....are you kidding me???  A huge museum with jets and trains to walk through and he loved the box of Legos on the table during the class...he's crazy!  LOL!!  Almost as crazy as me not taking ANY pictures of the trains, boats, or!

Blake building lego trains

Blake and Tristan

Taylor got to build too!

Look what Taylor made...a horse on top of a window?!?!?

I took Taylor for walks while Blake had class
Next, we got in line to ride a tram down to take a train ride...the boys headed for the back, so we followed.  They pretended to be army guys shooting the enemy behind us...silly!

waiting in line for the tram...

Tristan, Blake, and Hayden...happy kids!

Mike, keeping the boys in line!!
Then we took a group shot of the boys with their newly earned "transportation" badge and model car!

The scouts with their leader, Cheryl...thank goodness for her!!
I am soooo glad we made it to this event, we had a blast even though we were a bit rushed for time.  We headed out at 11:30 to make it to the soccer pictures that were scheduled at noon in Lake Saint Louis.  If we could have, we would have spent the day.  Crazy busy days!

Blake and Taylor ringing the train whistle on the way out

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  1. The Transportation Museum is a lot of fun. We should do Creation Station sometime with the little ones. I went into labor with Gracie after walking around and up and down the trains there.