Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Prep

 I usually decorate the house for Easter, immediately after St. Patrick's Day, but this just didn't happen.  I didn't even think about decorations until three days ago!  I finally got the house organized enough to bring up the tub with Easter stuff in it.  The kids love to dig it all out and go "decorating" all around the house.  I used to want it decorated a certain way, but now I just let them do it how they want. 

Some of the decorations that we put out, were my Mom's.  This Easter Tree was hers.  I decorated it each year, and now my kids do too. 
Ha!  The egg yolk looks like Taylor's other eye!
Of course, we colored eggs.  I usually try to make it a family event, but with Billy gone all the time, we had to do it without him. Just when we got started, a tornado siren went off, so we headed to the basement.  Billy made it home safely and took cover downstairs with us! It took us two days to finish the eggs but, it was fun this year, they both loved getting creative with their little egg masterpieces.  They even made "special" eggs for Aunt Sissy, Aunt Susie and our cousin Cheryl.

In the midst of the storm and egg coloring,  a wonderful surprise came...Aunt Regina had adorable Easter baskets sent to both, Blake and Taylor!!!  They were loaded with wonderful treats, fun things to do, and stuffed animals!  Regina is my sister-in-law and I am truly blessed to have her in my life, she always goes out of her way to make things extra special!  We love her!
Thanks Aunt Regina!

The kids even loved the packing bubbles inside the box!!!
After the candy-high from Aunt Regina, the kids set out their Easter baskets for the Easter bunny...Blake also decided to draw him a picture.  My Mom bought Blake the most adorable basket years ago and we decided to use it each year.  My sister found the perfect one for Taylor when she was born, so that she would have an adorable basket to use each year too!

The kids usually set out the eggs they've colored for the Easter Bunny to hide for them, but this year we forgot.  Thank goodness Mom remembers though! lol!  Once they were sound asleep, the bunny fills their baskets with books, games, and a small chocolate rabbit.   Everything is ready for the morning, now to get some zzzz's...

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