Saturday, April 9, 2011

hiking with the cub scouts

I absolutely love Blake being a cub scout!  Last week, we met at 6pm at a local park to go for an evening hike together.  It was at Legacy park in Cottleville.  I am happy to find this new park, it is very close (via a shortcut behind my house) and has an awesome playground, lake, and dog park.  I can already see summer play dates here! lol! 

We took the kids all around the lake, chatting and gathering leaves to make rubbings of.  I brought along the stroller for Taylor, but she ran the whole way.  She just fits in wherever we go.  We always seem to be with Blake and his buddies, but she doesn't mind-just tries to keep up! 

We took time to pet EVERY dog that came by (thanks to Taylor and her dog-loving self!LOL!)  It was a wonderful night! 

Blake is ready for the hike!

Hayden, Blake, Tristan, Cameron, Kyle, and Devon

leaf rubbings on the sidewalk

Blake's leaf masterpiece!

Taylor got a snack too!!!

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