Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blake is reading, but is THAT the problem???

Blake was struggling with reading two months ago, but is now an excellent reader.  He started reading a Club Penguin book, refusing to put it down!  He would read, read, read!  Next he got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and is addicted to reading them now...the problem is that he is giving me some"attitude". He has gotten more check marks on May's behavior calendar that all the other months put together!  Could it be from this book???

I asked his teacher for an opinion on the matter and here was her reply:

I'm glad Blake has found a book he loves! He reads a variety of books here at school so I wouldn't worry too much that he wants to reread a favorite. I haven't read an entire Wimpy Kid book but from the parts I have read they seem like pretty harmless books. They have a bit of attitude in parts of them so that may be part of what he has been trying out at home. Try showing him where the non-fiction books are in the library this summer and he'll probably branch out for you. He loves the non-fiction shelves here.

I am pretty fussy about following the rules in May and so a checkmark generally isn't a huge deal. Mostly he's had difficulties because he has followed someone else's lead and goofed around when he was supposed to be working. He rarely leads but sometimes he gets sucked into a poor choice.
That's something I am tough on him about because I don't want him to get in the habit of being a follower. Common sense and leadership are two qualities that kids start to develop in the early grades which can be lifesaving as they become teens so I treat this seriously with the kids. They know I expect them to look ahead and think first before following. When the leader is leading well, it's okay to follow but if the leader is making a poor choice and you follow... you are actually in more trouble with me than the person who first made the poor choice.
Blake's a strong student and generally a well mannered little boy. He's going to test out all kinds of things but since he has a pretty big conscience he's probably going to be emotional when he makes mistakes. Consider it a pat on your parenting back. :-)
Thanks for your kind words. I love what I do and really wish that next year wasn't my last. First graders teach me more each year than I could ever teach them.
K. Vice

THIS is why I love this teacher...she is understanding of what our children need for the future, not just first grade!

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