Friday, June 3, 2011

Blake marches right on out of first grade

Last year I wrote about the "end of the school year" parade and named it, Time Marches On...  The name is appropriate for how it makes me feel as yet another school year goes by.  I get so sad and almost depressed at the thought that this baby boy is now in school...actually now, going into 2nd grade!!!!!  Wow, it seems like just yesterday when I was bawling like a baby, walking him in to kindergarten (so something my Mom would have said about me-lol!) I'm not too proud to admit...she was right, ALOT! 

Last week, the parade took place on the last day of school.  Blake's last day as a 1st grader.  He was excited and I couldn't wait to go watch him march by.  Since the parade route is right through our neighborhood, we've made it a tradition to find a spot along the parade route to cheer all the graduates along!  His Aunt Sissy has to be there to witness it too, because he said so!

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