Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sophie goes to the Park

While Amanda was here, we decided to take Sophie to the dog park.  The whole family loaded up and headed for :Legacy Park in Cottleville. We packed a picnic lunch and water for Sophie.  This long-legged dog absolutely loves to get her "run" on and she's really good around other dogs too! 

Sophie's in mid-air chasing another dog...she is usually the dog that
gets chased by ALL the other!

Just because Sophie won't play on it, doesn't mean the kids can't!

The dog park is Taylor's favorite place to be :)

She was running so fast that half the pics are out of focus!

Been there for almost 6 minutes...already worn out!

Her tongue gets longer and longer...

It looks like she is bullying that little pup!

Run Blake Run!!!!!!!

If you look close at this pic...her lips and teeth look sooo crazy...
Amanda took this pic and we  laughed till we cried when we zoomed in.
We named her "Deadly Dog" lol!

Again, she looks crazed!

She meets someone her own size...well actually "Dexter" was
way bigger than her!  Notice the watchers in the background, they are
thinking that they won't come in the dog park until the giants are gone!

She lets us know when she's ready to go...waiting at the gate

Taylor, Blake, Amanda, and Sophie

Sophie was so tired that she practically sat on
Amanda's lap!

Blake and Billy

Amanda and her cousin!!!  She called Amanda that for
the first two days of her "cousin"!

Bunny ears on Dad

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