Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taylor's Tea Party

Today is the day before my Taylor Ann turns three years old.  She got to have two little friends over for a "Max & Ruby" tea party!  I have been so excited, because this is the fun part of having a, pink, pink!  I loved being able to invite Taylor's two "first" friends, and it just so happens that their mamas are a couple of "my" best buds, too!!!

Being on a very strict budget, I almost cancelled it, but then I realized that since her birthday is right after Valentine's Day....I got ALL the decor and much of the snacks for 75% off regular price!  I will write about how fun it was to do this party with a tiny budget on my Money Saving Blog !  PLUS, the main decoration was a hand-painted poster of Taylor's Favorite T.V. friends,  MAX & RUBY, from my dear friend Karen !! 

Thanks Karen!!!

We started out with some free play for the girls, then rounded them up for snacks.  We had pigs-in-a-blanket, strawberries & grapes, strawberry jam sammies, vanilla goldfish that took dips in pink icing, and all sorts of little "pink" goodies.  Then we moved them right along to the strawberry "Max & Ruby" cake with pink ice cream.  Taylor tried so hard to blow out her three candles, but wasn't quite windy enough...thank goodness she has friends to help out! 

All she wanted from me for her bday was a Max & Ruby cake...she got it!!
Next, we let the girls open presents and goody bags.  Taylor got a Dora puzzle and a Fur-Real puppy from Gracie. She has been doctoring it all day, it looks and sounds so real! LOL!  She got a hand-made Max & Ruby coloring book (thoughtful and must have taken forever to make!!), a Max & Ruby sticker book, and a golden dog from Katie...she is coloring right now with her new crayons!! 

Later, after everyone had left, I was cleaning and Taylor comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I really really loved my birthday...tank you for my party!"   Seriously????  I just stopped in the middle of what i was doing and grabbed her up and hugged her... for a long time....I just love this little girl.
                                               Happy Tea Party, Taylor Ann !!! 

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  1. It was so sweet and you did an amazing job! Karen did awesome on that Max and Ruby poster. It was great hanging out with you and Nicci, too. I miss my girls!