Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making bird feeders

Blake had a homework assignment, building a bird feeder.  Actually two different kinds.  All of  us got involved and had a blast!

Taylor made a "bagel" bird feeder.  Thanks to my friend, Karen, for the idea...we took half of a whole wheat bagel, smeared the flat side with peanut butter, and dipped it into wild birdseed.

Gotta take a break to lick the spoons!

Blake made a pine cone feeder.  We used one of the pine cones that we picked up this fall on a walk to school, spread peanut butter on it and rolled it in the birdseed. 

Finished product!
 For the final one...we used an empty peanut butter container to make a "real" feeder!  Of course, when Daddy gets involved the power tools have to be included too!!

Their favorite part was "feeling" the seed...and making a huge mess!

This one got taken by a squirrel...Taylor was so mad!

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