Saturday, January 29, 2011

If your sister was on TV, would you watch her?

After an awesome day with the ladies from our church's women's ministy, it remended me to write about something I realized at an ALPHA group we lead.    It sounds strange, but has made a huge step in my walk toward God.  This also majorly helped me understand my husband in his walk, since he is "way" ahead of me!  So here goes...

As my husband grew deeper in his faith, it was hard for me, because things weren't the same...not that they were bad, but different.  He wasn't the same.  I noticed that he was ALWAYS watching, listening, reading, and interested in God things.  Jesus things.  The bible.  I have to admit, I'm a bit ashamed, but I felt a bit annoyed.  I have heard people being called Bible thumpers or Jesus Freaks and although I AM a believer and not a name-caller, he would definitely fit the bill.  

One night at our Alpha meeting, this exact point was brought was put in a much different way...the speaker explained that as our relationship with God grows closer, we want to know more.  It would be like seeing your brother or your sister or your best friend on the news and just flipping the station....NO...we would "want" to know what they were saying about him/her.  We would have to know what was going on with them because we "know and/or love"  them... I immediately pictured my sister on the news and the thought of passing up such a story would be crazy, I love her and absolutely have to know why she is on there!!!  More and more, books, radio and tv shows interest me when they are about our God.  I am happy to put things into a different perspective and be grateful that my husband is listening to the things that really matter!

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