Monday, January 10, 2011

Blake is 7...Lego party !!!

Blake's birthday is right after Christmas, so planning can be tough.  School just got back in, money is tight, and after the holidays we are ready for a break.  This year, I knew that we were going to keep things inexpensive and simple.  The more I thought about NOT having a party for him the more I wanted too!  Soooo, we decided on a Lego party.  I printed out coloring pages from as place mats, bought plain old square red plates and cups to serve a home-made cake that was decorated by Billy and Blake!
the table is set...

My little baker

Daddy helping to make the cake decorations

Lego 7 cake
Blake got to go shopping to pick the little prizes for the goody bags.  Taylor and Blake both had fun making and filling them!
Taylor helped with ALL the plans!

The goody bags

I didn't let him hand out invitations to all of his classmates because there are 24 kids in the class....YIKES!!  I have to be honest, I only let him invite the friends that we talk to all the time.  I really love the Mom's that I have gotten to know since moving here, so that is the group of kids that came, so everyone knew each other and chatted away as the kids went CRAZY!!!  Well, except one mom...April...watched the Chiefs game with the Dad's...but anyways!!  lol!! I had to give her trouble!!!

April and Kanin...aren't they cute?!?!

The first game was '"Billy's game"  of Lego toss.  The kids got to toss legos into different sized bowls, and if they got it into the smallest one, they got to throw a sock "snowball" at Billy!!  The last part was my idea, and Billy wasn't very happy about that!  Then off to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have cake and ice cream!

Blake got really great gifts of games and Lego stuff....his favorite things in the world!!

He read each card out loud (with help now and then)
 They just "played" most of the time, but at the was time to start the scavenger hunt that leads them to their goody bags!
the gang

the first clue was hidden in the palm!

Richy found a clue!

I think they finally found them


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