Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Hunting Trip

Billy ALWAYS takes Blake on a hunting trip out to Busch Wildlife Area on or around New Year's Day.  Several days ago, they started gearing up to go...digging out the hunting clothes, coats, gloves, binoculars, and packing jerky.  Taylor couldn't wait to try on Bubby's camo! 

For days now, both Blake and Taylor, have been playing, pretend hunt".  They are stalking poor Sophie, pretending she is a deer or an elk.  Even Taylor's rocking horse became a wild animal to shoot at.  They are carrying around a golf bag, packed with weapons.  Taylor also has an Easter basket that has become her "hunting basket" ?!?!?  Their imaginations are running wild!

The wii hunting has become Taylor's new fave...go figure, a princess gone hunter!  LOL

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