Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cub Scouts to the Fire House

Last Tuesday, the den went to visit our local Fire House.  It was AWESOME!  It is really cool to see how the firemen live.  They have recliners and a tv.  Four firemen work together per shift.  Each shift has their own fridge and pantry!  They take turns cooking dinner each night and then work out to stay strong for the job!  They also now have their own beds in separate rooms.  They also have housekeeping duties that they share, like mopping, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the dishes.  All the while, just waiting for the call....to come to the rescue...REAL HEROES!!!

Way to make yourselves comfy in their chairs!!

Our gang with our den leader, Cheryl

Blake's Favorite part!!!

They dressed Cheryl to put out a fire!

Blake earned some beads too!


The entire group...thanks to these wonderful firemen!!!

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  1. Lots of fun! I didn't know Cheryl was their den leader. That is cool!