Monday, January 3, 2011

Snowflake Party

Today I had some friends over for a "snowflake" cutting party.  I've been whining about how my house feels so "empty" now that the Christmas decor has been taken down.  What better to decorate with than SNOWFLAKES in January??? 

My friend Nicci and I set out all the supplies, got the glue and glitter ready, gathered plenty of scissors, and waited for the kids to come and create tiny masterpieces for us to proudly hang.  Then we waited some more.  Then we waited...then we decided to start without the kids (ya know, just to help them out!)...we cut paper, coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, lacey paper doilies, and even attempted to make pipe-cleaner snowflakes.  Before you know it, there were snowflakes everywhere.  Glitter sprinkled.  Glue globbed.  Oh yeah, and the kids were having a total BLAST too!  Not cutting and decorating snowflakes, but playing!  We asked them all throughout the day to come and join in the fun, but they were way too busy to make snowflakes! Oh Mom's had fun cutting away!

After our friend had left, the crafts were packed away, the glitter swept kids seriously say, "Hey, we never made snowflakes!"  Really????  After begging, I dug it all back out and let them cut and sprinkle away...silly kids :)

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