Saturday, January 15, 2011

School keepsakes

Since Blake started preschool,  I have held onto artwork, select school papers, and anything I thought was special.  It is quite a pile in my office and there is no excuse for it!  He has been in preschool since he was three years old and he is now in first grade, that 4 years of stuff to sort through.  I did keep in in order by year, and there really isn't all that much from preschool, but none the less, this project need to get done so that I can continue to stay with it throughout his school years.

I bought a large plastic file box for each kid.  One blue and one pink.  They have lids that lock to protect the stuff inside too.  I will let Blake and Taylor decorate them and then designate each of the folder sections inside to each year of school.  That way I will limit myself on what and how much stuff I can keep.  I am writing the school grade on the backs of each item.

I got Kindergarten almost done and love looking back already!  

Larger artwork that I love, have a special place on our dining room wall.  I take pictures of him with his artwork each school year and then if something should happen to them...I still have the pic.  It may become very impractical to "keep" all of them, so that's another reason I take a pic.

Blake's kindergarten artwork
Some that I kept that are larger, I also have an under-the-bed plastic container that I put them in and slide them under the guest bed.  The one question that I must ask myself is:  Why am I organizing the kids keepsake stuff when my house is a disaster?????  It's funner than mopping!!!


  1. I love this artwork wall. I want to do this in the playroom to display all of the kids' stuff. I actually just threw away some stuff from kindergarten. There is just no way to keep everything but I will definitely keep the special ones.

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