Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White carrots - our veggie of the week

I am doing a "Weekly New Fruit/Vegetable".  I have started this several times before and seem to gravitate back to the familiar, but am back at it!!

This week the kids chose the "white carrots" aka parsnips.  I have tried these years ago and remember that I liked them, but am experimenting again and including the kids.  I got a recipe for Honey Glazed Carrots & Parsnips here.               

bacon-wrapped pork fillet, spinach salad, and roast carrots & parsnips
The parsnips were kinda like a spicy carrot, but not spicy as in hot but just bumped up carrot flavor!!  The kids kept asking for more and Blake even held his arms up, closed his eyes, and yelled, "YUMMO!!"  These will be served again.  The glaze isn't even needed, but it was so delish on the meat and veggies, that I am definitely going to make it for the next holiday meal.   I think any kid would eat ANY veggie with this glaze on it.  It made me feel like I served a 5 Star meal!!lol!!

The fillets were only $1.38 each, spinach bought in bulk at Costco, and the veggies cost around $3 for all.  Yummy, cheap, and mostly healthy!!  Entire dinner for under $6 for a family of four!!


  1. So they are just parsnips at the grocery store?

  2. Yep, they are in a package of 3-4, for around $2 !! That is all you need to mix in with reg. carrots !