Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals, or are they?

Over at,  Party of Five ,  April lists 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.  I really got excited and started to think up "my" list, but it started to overwhelm me. I sooo wish I could have that kind of commitment but, I think I may have A.D.D.  And I am not kidding, my doc even said so...  the thought of coming up with that many goals and that many days away literally scares me, so I am doing a "baby" version of goals for the year.  These goals are things that NEED to be done (in no particular order of importance).  Things that would make my mind happy if completed, or even just an effort made.  It's the beginning of a new year so let's begin...

1.  FAMILY PHOTOS- I have several years photos on my pc.  Some have been printed and are in boxes, some have remained on the computer.  This is ridiculous, but I get lazy because I figure, "at least I have them, somewhere..."  I started on this project yesterday by organizing 2010 photos.  I have them all in a file ready to print.  I only selected a choice few from each event/holiday to print for the album.  Now I need to find the cheapest place to print 4x6's and an album to buy duplicates of, to store them in.  Plus....KEEP them organized by printing and cataloging at the end of the month, or at least each season!
                              (Do I need to make TWO sets of albums-one for each child?)

2.  Complete my Mom's recipe book.  When my Mom passed away, I started a cookbook with all of Mom's best recipes for each of us kids.  I found matching photo albums featuring a picture of Mom carving the turkey, and gave them the cookbook for Christmas, but it only contained a few of her best recipes. I planned on adding to them... this year I will continue the project and post more on it later.

3.  Clean our computers out!  They are full and running slow, enough said.

4.  Learn how to convert all our family videos to DVD.  And do it!!  I have a DVD burner, but have all these little mini DV tapes and SD cards and digital files to convert...YUCK!!

5.  Redo my fireplace.  I want to paint the mantle black, but I'm afraid!!

6.  Create a "family fun" calendar.  I want to designate days each week to crafts, movie night, or board game nights.  Kids should have something fun to look forward to!!

7.  Continue going to the gym and increase my workout productivity. 

8.  Save, reduce energy usage, create income, be more frugal.  Vague, but a start.

9.  Eat healthier by incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into the family diet. 

10.  Organize my home.  (cleaning, bill paying, school and activities, schedules)

11.  Simplify.  Minimize.  Get rid of unneeded items. 

 Actually, after reading my own list, I just realized that all but one (the fireplace), are not reachable "goals" but  more like ongoing commitments to make my life easier and happier...hmmmm...rewrite this entire post or STOP thinking about it and get started on my new commitments?????

Told you I have A.D.D !!!

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