Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

We used to go out and do the whole party until midnight or often, I would photograph a wedding and Billy would assist so that we'd get to bring in the new year together, while we celebrated with a new couple.  Now, with the kids involved, we love to just put out a spread of appetizers and snack food, gather a few party supplies and "try" to stay awake to at least watch the ball drop in New York, before passing out next to the kids, who had given up hours ago!!! 

I know that sounds like we're duds...but when Blake was almost one year old, my sister came to babysit so that Billy and I could go out.  Around 10:30, after several calls home to check on them, we headed for home.  They were both awake and still playing, we packed up food and drinks and headed home to bring in the new year together, as a family...and it's been that way ever since!!!

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