Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introducing...Buddy the Elf

I took an awesome idea from my friend, April.  She posted about a family tradition...the Elf on the Shelf    It sounded so fun, I wish I had known about it years ago!  I immediately went to eBay and bought one.  I couldn't wait to introduce him to the kids, they are gonna LOVE it!!

Well, the shipment came by UPS (oh, i mean Santa Express), late the other night.  The kids were busy watching a movie, so I unpacked it and hurried to hide the elf on top of the t.v.  The place I ordered it from had written that it was to the Sullivan Family, from the NORTH POLE.   I went and told the kids that I found a box outside.  I let Blake read it and he was totally excited, "Mom, it came from the North Pole, from Santa!!!"  I pretend to be surprised.  We all sit on the bed and open it to find the book and the empty box with no elf inside.  I asked, " Do you think he is already here somewhere?"  Well, we read the book and as the story goes...first thing each morning, you run and try to find the little elf.  I ask the kids to name him and they both said "Buddy" from the movie, ELF.  I look over at Blake and he is very quiet....he says he's "a little bit freaked out that an elf is hiding in our house somewhere"  Are you kidding me??? This is supposed to be fun and exciting!!  (maybe we shouldn't let him watch Ghost Hunters) He says he's just wondering if he could REALLY be REAL.  Anyways, he goes into the living room to get the Kleenex box and comes screaming back in...."the elf, he's already here, he's on our t.v....aaahhhhh!"  OOPS, I forgot that he shouldn't go back into THAT room!  Anyways, he runs and jumps into bed with me.  I asked him if he wanted me to try to catch the little elf and send him back to the north pole, but he said, "nah, maybe we should just keep him" . 

The morning after, he had fun finding Buddy.  He says to me, "Mom, even if he isn't REAL, he's still really cool!"  UH-OH, I think I might have been a bit late to start new make-believe traditions.  I forgot that he is older and starting to ask questions.  It made my heart sink to think that he might ponder other things, like Santa, Tooth Fairy.  All has settled now, but I will be so sad, the year he stops believing.  I do know that it will be easier on him than Taylor, because he would love to help create magic for her, he would love to be the one to hide Buddy!!! 

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  1. Love it! I think Kanin is starting to question, too, but he still is the first one to look for "Chucky" every morning. Don't forget to move him! If you forget, just tell them that Buddy must have had a really good watching spot. Sometimes I move him in the middle of the day and the kids "freak out" because of him being able to move around like that.