Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seeing Santa

Each year we take the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro in Saint Charles.  It's free and since Daddy works there, it is the place to go!  They set up a Santa's Wonderland fully equipped with a realistic Santa, his workshop, games, shooting areas with toy guns, trains, and slot car racing. 

This year Billy and I ran out of time to take, since my friend Karen and her boys were late to visit Santa too, we all headed to visit Santa together!  We immediately got in line for pictures with Santa.  It wasn't so bad, the kids played with toys, we got our FREE pics taken (we take our own camera too, and they don't mind at all), let the kids explore the winter wonderland games and activities, stopped by the big fish tank and headed out. 

Taylor sees so much to do!!

Santa 2010

Sit back, relax, and tell Santa what you want!



Luke helps Taylor..

Luke is so sweet, he continues to help her!!


Seth, Blake and Luke joy riding

checking out the big fish

what a big catch!!

Catch of the day!
A funny thing is...both of Karen's boys wanted this little toy spinning "top".  We refused to wait in the check-out line, so they gave up on getting such a "cool" toy.  Later, i called Billy, he picked them each up one, we'll sneak it to Karen for the boy's!!  They are gonna be so amazed at how that happened.  And some say there is no Christmas magic!!!

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  1. So glad you guys got to go and with Karen and the boys. Love that Blake is telling Santa what he wants. Very sweet. Very sweet of Billy to pick up the tops. Luke and Seth will be so excited!