Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morn

On Christmas morning, Blake wakes us up to tell us that it's time!!  I usually jump up, run to the video camera, hit record and then let him out of the!  But this time, he slept upstairs with Aunt Sissy, so I literally didn't sleep at all, because I was afraid I would miss him running in to see if Santa had come yet.  So, somewhere between 5-6am I woke up, heard my sister up, we started coffee and it wasn't long before Blake came down too!  I had him go in my bedroom and wake Taylor too.  He tried, but she ran out and then fell back asleep on Daddy's lap.

The kids must have been good for Santa.  They both got everything on their lists.  Blake ran out to find Star Wars stuff!  The wii game, Legos, ships, and figures.  He was a happy camper!

Already checking out his star war guys :)

already put together a lego set!

Finally, Taylor wakes up and realizes that Santa has come for her too!!  He brought her a pillow pet, Max and Ruby dolls, and a rubber ducky....everything on her list!  She also got a pink princess piggy bank and a fold-out Maisy farm book!

Her little rubber ducky with a soap boat!

a piggy bank!

smiles and grins  :)

a tigger water baby was in her stocking!

Keep digging!!!

hugging the pillow pet
Sophie got a big knuckle bone, some treats, and a new toy in her stocking! She'd rather just cuddle with Aunt Sissy!

The day was spent just playing with the new toys..........

the candy coins in her stocking were a huge hit with Taylor

the spider droid?!?!?

more candy coins...

princess sippy cup

Maisy book with figures was a fave!
My favorite pic of all...notice the smile :)

Blake's been busy with LEGOs
We relaxed, fixed an awesome steak dinner with baked sweet potatoes, caramalized brussel sprouts, and fresh baked yeasty dinner rolls.  Even though I was feeling yucky...there was NO way to NOT enjoy this day!  Thanks to God, my family, and too many blessings to count!

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  1. LOL, I was the exact same way with Kanin. I didn't get ANY sleep on Christmas Eve night because I was afraid Kanin would go downstairs without me being down there. I locked the gate upstairs so I would hear if he tried to go downstairs. He came in at 3:30am wanting to open presents but I made him wait until 6:45.