Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow for Christmas

This year the weather forecast was very exciting and worrisome.  They were forcasting freezing rain, ice, and snow for Christmas Eve.  Since we didn't have to travel, part of me (the kid part) wanted to be excited...just imagine being "snowed in" for Christmas. The whole "white Christmas" vision.  The other part of me (caring adult part) wanted the weather to be safe for all who had to travel.  I kept thinking about how terrible it would be to be stranded away from family, maybe even alone. Terrible. But it all worked out perfectly!

A few days ago, getting Taylor into her carseat, she was straining her neck to look around, whining about something...I of course, am struggling to get her buckled, and say, "Come on Taylor, what are you upset about?"  She says, "All the snow all gone before Cistmas, oh no, oh no...i gotta ask Sana Cauz for some more snow!!!"  I think " uh oh, is right...I don't think you can request THAT sorta thing!!"  She just wanted to be able to make a Frosty the Snowman for Christmas...

And she got it!!  Christmas eve morning the snow began to fall.  A wet sticky snow.  By later that afternoon, the ground was covered and we all headed out to play!  As it turns out, wet snow makes for very hard snowballs...I learned that first-hand as Billy beamed me with one right upside my face!!  I got mad and yelled at him, then my sister hit him in the hurt him so bad that he apoligized to me and made the kids stop throwing them because it hurt too bad!!  LOL!!  We got to make Frosty...there's some more of that Christmas Magic!! 

Somebody hit Diana's target!

Tongue out and ready to throw!

making Frosty

ice fishing!

the fight is on!


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