Thursday, December 16, 2010

memories for decorations

I saw an idea on an awesome blog called Clover Lane  about making photos into a holiday garland.  I immediately thought...I have pictures from each and every Christmas that I just stick in a memory book, rarely to be looked at.  I send out a photo Christmas card each year of the kids with the dog, so this was the perfect idea.  I do not have a stairway to hang them on BUT I have a fireplace mantle! 

I have to be honest, I took a HUGE shortcut.  Instead of cutting and printing and creating wonderful little masterpieces with each photo, like she did...I just had the photo lab print an extra card already decorated to my liking and included the year on each one.  I absolutely LOVE being able to display them all!!

I had some pretty green ribbon that I use for Taylor's hair, I taped it to the back and then taped card stock to the back of each photo card...sturdy and ready to hang...YEAH!  

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